Enlightened Democracy

Written by Joby

We stand together in our desire for democracy

It should be common sense that all the power held in our government is derived from the consent of the people, and that government power should be used to promote the general welfare of our people.  Our government will never work for the general welfare of our people unless we stop voting for politicians from the Democratic and Republican Parties that represent the interest of their corporate campaign donors. 

We are ruled by a form of representative oligarchy that legislates according to the will of economic elites.  What we want is a representative democracy, government of, by, and for the people that establishes Justice and preserves essential liberty; a democracy that fosters competition in the market and allows small business to thrive.  Defeating corporatism will require a vibrant and enlightened democracy that legislates based upon Truth and morality.

Without a democracy, neither libertarians or progressives will ever have a chance at getting their ideas put to practice via federal legislation.  It is unacceptable that in the present day our government doesn’t listen to the will of our people.  We are the hope for change; both libertarians and progressives understand that our people have an unalienable right to reform or change our government.  Whenever we find our government to be inadequate, adverse, or even malicious it is our moral duty to vote in a manner that will correct the situation.

Libertarians must consider:

We cannot institute libertarian ideas into our government unless we have democracy. You should stop thinking of democracy as an idea that allows socialist principles to be instituted into our society, but as a tool to institute libertarian principles into our society.

To do this, libertarians will simply have to win the war of ideas, and to do that we will have to begin discussing economics with one another on a mass scale.  Understanding the division that the great divide in economic thought causes among our people, it is my personal hope and dream that one day in the near future humanity will find an all encompassing and true economic theory that allows our people to unite on a path toward economic and environmental Justice.

It is all possible.  We the people are the determining factors.

Progressives must consider:

There can be no pure form of Justice without liberty.

Libertarians and Progressives must consider:

To live in a free and democratic society we must be virtuous people. We cannot forget about truth and morality as we pursue our goals in life.

Morality means the golden rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Morality means refraining from judgement of others until you have adequately judged yourself.

Morality means that you will be charitable to one another.

Morality means that you will be humble.

Morality means that you will be honest.

Morality means that you will be tolerant and forgiving.

Morality means that you will work with your fellow people for the common good.

Morality is about building bridges between people, not walls.

Morality is about unity and love.

Morality is about being a productive human being who engages in work that makes society a better place.

In my humble and honest opinion, Gary Johnson and Dr. Jill Stein do their best to embody these moral principles, and I would vote for them before other candidates that have been proven on record to lie, cheat, accept bribes, and/or war-monger.

We need less violence, terrorism, and regime change wars, and more empathy, compassion, and human solidarity.

We need humility, altruism, and peace.

Without these qualities all will be lost.

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