How We Will Stop Trump and HIllary

Written by Joby

We must stand together against both Trump and Hillary

We are going to form an independent coalition that will give both Gary Johnson and Jill Stein a chance to win the presidency this November.  There are certainly going to be closed minded progressives that refuse to form a coalition with the libertarians, as well as closed minded libertarians that refuse to form a coalition with the progressives, but we don’t need everyone to agree with our movement, we just need enough reasonable people on board to secure our victory.

If good libertarians and good progressives are going to come together to work for the common good we must continue to identify the issues where we find agreement and choose to focus on them.

If we stand together while striving to be virtuous and charitable to one another, we will create a moral economy that yields a future of human happiness. 

We must stand together on our common ground:

  1. We stand together in our fight against corrupt crony-capitalism, corporatism.
  2. We stand together in our struggle for world peace.
  3. We stand together in our struggle against Big Brother.
  4. We stand together in our desire to revolutionize America’s banking system.
  5. We stand together against racial discrimination and the war on drugs.
  6. We stand together in the fight for Justice.
  7. We stand together in our desire to return power to the people.

If we stand together on this ground, we can defeat Trump and Hillary by sticking to the plan about to be presented.

It’s time that we stand up together to say, “Enough is enough!”

We cannot just simply use our individual votes as protest and expect that this will create meaningful change in the near future. In the moment, we can only exercise our power on this system if we organize to vote strategically as united collectives in each state; we must vote in an intelligent manner that flips the system upside down using the rigged rules to our own advantage. This is all possible, and it is necessary that we execute in the moment to defeat this two party system!

We have an opportunity of a lifetime on our hands with this election, and what we do in the lifetime of this opportunity will determine if we make the future that we believe in a reality.  We cannot afford four years of Donald Trump, and we cannot afford four years of Hillary Clinton; the time to defeat both of the two major parties is now.  We will stand together and defeat both of the evils facing us this election.  To do this we will need leaders, and we will need relentless spirit; I believe that we have them both.

Hillary Clinton says that we are “stronger together” and that to defeat Donald Trump it is necessary for us to unite under her candidacy. She has also repackaged Pope Francis’s criticism of Donald Trump for her campaign, “A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian.”  It’s no coincidence that her campaign is flaunting the fact that her VP Tim Kaine is a staunch Catholic.

The DNC has not built any bridges, it has nominated a wall; we must not let the facade of unity that they are attempting to impose on the American people become the winning narrative. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are two sides of the same coin. Donald divides us up and causes us to hate and fear one another, and both candidates are attempting to exploit that fear to get our votes.

Our Revolution is a movement of human solidarity.  It is a movement of empathy, compassion, charity, and love. We truly want to build bridges between our people, not walls, and bring our people together instead of letting ourselves get divided up. But take time to consider that none of this means that we should condone or accept evil and corruption, which is precisely what we would be doing if we backed Hillary Clinton.

The DNC is a corrupt organization and Hillary Clinton’s nomination was illegitimate, not a nomination at all, but a coronation.  To prove this we can cite Wikileaks [1], Election Justice USA [2], Harvard University [3], and Stanford University researcher Rodolfo Cortes Barragan who analyzed data to find that it was statistically impossible for exit polling data, which was nearly all in favor of Hillary Clinton, to have been the result of an honest and fair election.  The probability of this this happening in a legitimate election was calculated to be 1 in 77 billion [4].

The Democratic National Committee has made a mockery of our democracy.  Why should we respect the Democratic Party’s presidential primaries? I say that we should not, and I know that the majority of thinking Americans around our nation must agree.

How can we restore democracy to America? 

It is true that the only way to combat the power of organized money is with the power of organized people, and while I commend everyone in the Bernie movement for their valiant efforts thus far in organizing our people, we must take it to the next level.

Staying consistent with the theme, the first thing that we must do is bring our people together, and there can be no greater tool for that than social media.  We want to build a website like in each and every state in America.  Using word of mouth, as well as paid Facebook marketing, we can bring independent voters together in each state using Facebook groups.

After establishing a group for each state, we must use similar techniques to funnel independent voters toward the official county groups throughout our nation.  From each county group, leaders must arise who seek to do the grunt work necessary to acquire an email list of all the libertarian and progressive voters in their county.

From there we should strive to organize our people by zip codes. Once this is done we will have an accurate representation of where all libertarians and progressives in our country are located and in what density.  This will allow all our people to have an accurate understanding of which candidate, Gary or Jill, has the better opportunity to win the electoral college votes in their state.

This will also allow us to campaign together, creating a synergistic relationship between our two parties.  Competition between our two candidates will draw more people to our movement and allow support for both candidates to grow more rapidly.  The faster we grow the more momentum we will acquire as more and more people come to believe that Gary and Jill stand a chance at victory.

If independents vote as a united collective in each state we will defeat the two party establishment in the race for the White House this November.  Gary Johnson would more than likely win the deep red states such as Texas, while Jill Stein could win the deep blue states such as California and New York.  The battleground states such as Ohio and Florida would decide the election with their four-way races, but rest assured that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will not have a chance of winning if our coalition is strong. 

With the help of the Green Party, enthusiastic libertarians, and the Bernie or Bust movement; it is simply not possible for us to fail in organizing this nationwide coalition.

Let’s get to work; It’s not over until we win.



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