Written by Joby

We stand together in the fight for Justice

We are good people, and that means that we want to help one another.

We believe in the golden rule.

Charity is moral compared to greed,

altruism to ego,

love to hate,

truth to falsehood,

wisdom to ignorance,

and Justice to injustice.

All of us wish for economic Justice.

Progressives believe that the best way to achieve economic Justice is through government regulated industry and taxation of the financial elite.  Libertarians believe that economic Justice can be best achieved through a substantially less regulated market and by lowering taxes on all Americans. 

Those who believe in the institution of a strong form of Democratic Socialism at the federal level should consider the danger of concentrating such a colossal amount of power for a corrupt organization like the DNC to take hold of.

Perhaps it would be best if we focus on Democratic Socialism at the state level before we go jumping to the federal level.

Perhaps it would be even better if we first focused on introducing “voluntary socialism” at the community level.

Voluntary socialism is consistent with libertarian principles because it is a form of socialism that occurs only with free association between people as opposed to force by the government.

We should begin our movement by bringing good people together in every community throughout our nation.  Only then will our people be able to pool our resources together in an intelligent manner that allows us to collectively fight our way out of economic insecurity.

When we understand that we are stronger united than we are divided we will finally wise up enough to realize that we can create more positive change in the world with the power of teamwork. 

Progressives may want to consider:

Gary Johnson may not want to use the government to give you all the things that you want, but he will get the current corrupt government out of the way so that we can be free to create the future that we believe in ourselves.

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