Racism, War on Drugs

Written by Joby

We stand together in our desire to end the war on drugs

The issue of the war on drugs is inseparable from the crony-capitalism that is involved with the private prison industry.  Ever since the Clinton crime bill of 1994 the private prison industry has been booming.  We continue to imprison more people than any country on Earth due to the the relationship between our politicians and private prison lobbyists.  We should not be electing politicians who have an incentive to pass legislation favoring for-profit prisons. Private prisons should exist and survive on their own merit without the help of the government.

This issue is also inseparable from racism: non-caucasian populations are discriminated against by the police force around our nation.

We all respect good police, and we should not forget that good police officers exist today; these are heroes of society that help us maintain domestic tranquility and they deserve to be honored.

Despite this, we simply cannot ignore the fact that data indicates a general discrimination against minorities in the United States by police officers.  This discrimination is especially strong against African American males and must be addressed.  Everyone needs to wake up and listen to the black lives matter movement in order to avoid any more unnecessary violence coming from either side. 

We need to reform our police system to foster more trust between the police and our communities. This will require that police look like the people in the community that they are representing, and it will require that police officers are virtuous in fulfilling their duties to the public.

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